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Some of the benefits of correct eating and exercise habits;

Lose weight

Lower BMI

Reduce heart problem risk

Feel healthier

Get into those jeans!

Be more energetic

Become more mobile

Greater confidence
The vast majority of people gain weight because their calorie intake is greater than their calorie usage and so weight is gained.
However there can be underlying problems for some people that makes them gain weight and it is important to consult a medical professional if you suspect one of the following is a contributory factor, before engaging in dieting or therapy for weight loss or eating habit control.

Fluid retention


Stress or depression

Steroid treatment

Insulin treatment

Thyroid problems

Have you had enough of pointless dieting?

Have you tried all the schemes out there and have had only limited success?

Are you tired of eating ‘rabbit food’ or liquid ‘meals’.

Are you fed-up with spending hard-earned cash week upon week?

Have you had enough of being out of control of your own eating and exercise regime?

Then regain control - make that decision that you know you want - now!
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Many people who struggle with weight control also lack confidence. You can regain confidence in yourself through hypnosis and weight control.
A low opinion of yourself is a real downside to being overweight. Boost your self esteem as well as learning to control your weight by hypnosis.
The vast majority of people want to be happy. Losing weight and feeling good go some way to helping you back to happiness. Hypnosis can help with this.