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Hypnotherapy - Mindfulness - Coaching
NHS statistics say that 20% of GP visits are psychological and include anxiety and depression.
Stress is caused by too much pressure from either work or other influences.
The symptoms can include palpitations, aches and pains including headaches and loss of appetite.
By trying to cope with stress using alcohol or tobacco you increase your risk of other diseases and illnesses such as heart disease.
Relaxation is one of the great ways to relieve stress but for some this is not easy. Time, lifestyle and a lifetime of stressful experiences prevent them from being able to relax.
I can help you learn to relax and relieve stress. Anyone can do the things I can teach you.
If you can spare just 20 minutes of your day, you can benefit. If you practice the things I show you on regular basis, you can live with much less stress.
Relaxation is not just putting your feet up in front of the television or sticking your nose in a book , it requires a certain amount of structure and timing. With this technique you can regain control
of your whirling thoughts and over-busy brain.
It is very simple!
Why live with it when you can live without it?
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General Anxiety Disorder can be helped immensely by practicing mindfulness. Click here for the NHS recommendations on this or visit my mindfulness page.