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† More than half (58%) of smokers underestimate how many long term smokers die early from smoking related disease (the actual figure is that 1 in 2 of all long-term smokers will die early from smoking related disease).

* There’s also an impact on smokers’ families: each year, UK hospitals see around 9,500 admissions of children with illnesses caused by secondhand smoke.
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Benefits of quitting

Lower cancer risk

Lower heart disease risk

Better general health

More money in your pocket

Food tastes better

Smelling nicer

* Protecting your children’s health

Less inconvenience in social situations
...and so on…
More than a third (35%) of smokers underestimate the number of cancer deaths caused by smoking (the actual figure is that smoking is estimated to be responsible for almost a third of all cancer deaths in England, and surprisingly, 8% of smokers still do not believe that smoking can seriously damage their health and lead to premature death.
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Let me ask you a question - if you had the choice, would you quit?  If the answer is yes, then make that decision now!  I can help to give you the choice back.  If you really desire to stop smoking you can!

Take back the control you know you should have and that you deserve and reclaim your right to become a non-smoker.

Don’t be a slave to an uncontrolled habit - become master of your own life TODAY!

I am a registered Quit 4 Life practitioner. The national hypnotherapy quit smoking support programme. Please click on the logo on the left to find out more.

For smokers who have decided to quit