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Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder. The likelihood is that you may not experience the symptoms until you come into contact with the object of your phobia, but sometimes just thinking about it may be enough to cause panic or anxiety. This is known as anticipatory anxiety.
Some are learned responses whilst others may have resulted from some sort of trauma or emotionally charged incident.
Simple Phobias

Spiders / Snakes / Birds / Dogs and other animals

Having injections / vomit / blood

Flying / dentistry / hospitals

Bridges / water / heights / germs

Sexual issues
Complex Phobias

Agoraphobia / social phobia
I can help with many types of fear and phobia. Although there are almost as many causes of phobias as there are people, dealing with them is more straightforward in the majority of cases.
If you have had enough of being controlled by fear, or ashamed of being afraid of seemingly insignificant things, and you want to regain control of where you go and what you do - then make that decision now!
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