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Dip. Hyp. HPD MNCH (Reg.)
CNHC Registered

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As a certified Mindfulness Now teacher I have my own daily practice. I find that mindfulness has helped me immensely in so many areas. Mindfulness is not a treatment nor is it a remedy, essentially it is a goal-less activity that enables you to focus on the present moment without dragging in the past or telescoping into the future with your thoughts.

By practicing mindfulness without any expectations, being kind to yourself and being non-judgemental, you will reap benefits. These benefits are side effects and not the primary purpose.

Many types of medication and drugs prescribed by GPs have harmful side effects and some can be quite serious. The side effects of mindfulness are all beneficial, that’s why the NHS say that it can be as effective as CBT in treating General Anxiety Disorder. Click here to see what they recommend.

Anyone can practice mindfulness from young children to people who are advanced in years. Whether you see it as a remedy for something you need to overcome or just as a wonderful way to experience life, mindfulness has something for everyone.

For one to one mindfulness or to organise group mindfulness activities please contact me by clicking on this link - mindfulness info