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Exam Nerves

Nail biting

Fear of spiders
Because some level of anxiety is normal e.g. exam nerves or job interviews etc., it is hard to realise when it becomes too much. If you experience it all the time or on a regular basis for no reason, then you need to seek help. Symptoms include palpitations, stomach churning, nausea, restlessness, lack of sleep. Don’t live with something that you can get help with.


If you want to improve your results in sport or academically then a programme of performance enhancement can help. Using hypnosis, CBT and coaching I can show you how to improve your mindset and approach in order to achieve your ultimate goal. Become more focused, driven and goal orientated with my help. See yourself getting the outcome you want.


If you have a low opinion of yourself then it may be that early on in your life, you have had someone tell you that you aren’t going to amount to anything or a similar negative messages such as that. Subconsciously you have taken this on board and now your mind attempts to find all the reasons that this is true. Changing the way you think about yourself will boost your self esteem.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be most disturbing. Re-living the experiences that caused it, avoiding people or places, flashbacks and over emotional responses can all be symptoms of this affliction. It is not just service people that get PTSD. Major distressing events can cause it. A large proportion of people with PTSD will have suffered a bereavement.
We all suffer grief at some point in our lives. It is a natural response to losing a loved one. If it takes over your life with feelings of despair, being worthless or paralysing guilt then you should seek help. It can also be caused by divorce, losing your job, children leaving home etc.. Some typical reactions are; numbness, shock, anger and guilt.

Just a few examples of the issues I can help you with