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Anorexia Nervosa (or ‘without appetite’), primarily affects adolescent girls and young women although it has become more common in boys and men in recent years.
Anxiety over body shape and weight is the usual trigger for this serious condition and most anorexics have a distorted body image of themselves, believing themselves to be fat when they aren’t
Bulimia Nervosa (or ‘ox appetite’), is a diet-binge-purge disorder and, like anorexia is a serious condition.
Body weight in bulimics varies considerably from normal to mildly overweight up to severe obesity. It is not always obvious to others that someone may be bulimic. Their dentist may be the first to notice it as their tooth enamel deteriorates due to excessive vomiting.
Compulsive overeating is more a type of behaviour than a condition. Binge eating is engaged in with no purging and is characterised by eating long after a person feels full, even to the point of feeling nauseous.
They often have secret hoards of food hidden away, eating to cope with stress usually. Among overeaters are a high proportion of males.
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Warning signs may include;

Denial of low weight

Excessive and compulsive exercise

Pale-yellowish skin

Preoccupation with calories and food

Intolerance of the cold
Warning signs may include;

Bingeing and purging

Discolouration of teeth

Visits to the bathroom after meals

Abuse of laxatives/diet pills/diuretics

Broken blood vessels in eyes or face

High anxiety/depression
Warning signs may include;

Denial of a problem


Withdrawal from activities

Secret hoards of food

Guilt about overeating

Eating during the night

If you recognise these things in yourself or others you know, then the help
of a healthcare professional must be sought immediately. These are
all serious conditions and require fast intervention.