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Life Change Solutions

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Dip. Hyp. HPD MNCH (Reg.)
CNHC Registered

Hypnotherapy - Mindfulness - Coaching


Just talking to someone in confidence, safety and privacy can often be a great help.

Getting it off your chest can release pent up emotions.

It can often lead to a solution or give you some pointers as to what to do next.


I will listen to you in a sensitive and empathetic way.

I am non-judgemental unlike most people you know, wanting to take sides or give advice.

You will get my undivided and total attention at all times.


All my counselling is highly focused on getting you the solution you want.

Only practical and achievable goals are sought.

You won’t be given advice or told what to do.

Helps to adjust the way you think in a safe and secure way, finding the right outcome for you as an individual

An independent ear to listen to you

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Counselling can help with emotional issues.

Some things that counselling could help with;