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Hypnotherapy can help in many ways and with a variety of issues, the key is that a good practitioner should help you find the inner resources you need to deal with the problem you come with. In other words to help you become ‘self-efficacious’ which means to self-help. This guidance leads you

to rely on your own resources and skills that you have been taught and which you naturally possess instead of becoming reliant upon the therapist.

I have helped people like you to realise that they have inside them what it takes to be able to make a difference to their own lives. This realisation gives you the freedom to live as you want to and as you deserve. This enables you to become reliant upon yourself not others, thus empowering you.

From lack of self esteem to more complex issues like anorexia and bulimia and from smoking cessation to sports and exam performance, hypnotherapy addresses things at a deeper level. The mind is a complex arrangement of cognitive functions such as ideas, emotions, thoughts, consciousness, thinking, memory and so on. It is these areas of the mind that are worked with during hypnotherapy in order to help modify the cognitive processes.